BER Certificate - What is it and do I need one?

BER Certificate Dublin
BER stands for Building Energy Rating, and is an energy label for your home. The scale runs from A-G, with A being the most energy efficient, and G the least efficient.

An SEI report issued 21 October, 2008, shows that 82% of New Homes Achieve a B Grade BER.

From 1st January 2009, all homes being sold or rented must have a BER certificate issued by an apprioved BER Assessor. Prior to 1st January 2009, all new homes for which planning permission was applied for after 1st January 2007, as well as all non-domestic buildings for which planning permission was applied for after July 1st, 2008, must also have a BER certificate.

All registered BER Assessors have signed up to SEI's Code of Conduct which ensures the delivery of a technically proficient and timely service to end users.

Click here to read SEI's 'A Guide to Building Energy Rating (BER)' [pdf].

NRG Experts is accredited by Sustainable Energy Ireland as a registered BER Assessor for residential properties. Contact us for a quote for your property today.

BER ratings for typical homes

BER cert Dublin
These ratings are indicative of the levels one might expect for homes built to the prevailing Building Regulations of the period and where no additional remedial measures have been installed.

kWh Annual kilowatthours of primary energy. (Natural gas and electricty are purchased in terms of 'units' or kWh. 1 litre of kerosene has an energy content of just over 10 kWh)

CO2 Tonnes of CO2 emitted per annum.

Cost Annual running cost for principal energy usuage, based on an average of domestic oil and gas prices as of October 2008.

Source: SEI - A Guide to Building Energy Rating (BER) [pdf]