Energy Audit - How to Improve Your Home

Obtaining a BER certificate is only one step in an ongoing process, and it may not even be the first step. Though most new houses rate quite highly, older homes do not. NRG Experts can offer detailed advice on how to improve your home's energy rating, and how to lower your energy costs and CO2 emissions.

A typical energy audit might include the following:

  1. Identify elements of your dwelling that require upgrading
    For example, your home may benefit from stronger insulation in some or all rooms, changes to the heating system, and improvements to windows, doors, and ventilation systems. We can identify all areas that might benefit from work, and how extensive that work should be.
  2. NRG Auditors for Energy Audits in Dublin
  3. Suggest renewable technology that may be introduced
    Not all technologies will suit all homes and all budgets. We are fully versed in all renewable technologies, and can advise on what would best suit your home and your financial situation
  4. Prepare detailed costing, identifying material and fitting costs, and obtain quotes
    With years of experience in the construction supply sector, along with many contacts amongst suppliers and workers in the industry, we are ideally suited to providing accurate and competitive costings for any work that needs to be done.
  5. Energy rate the dwelling with scheduled improvements
    A before and after BER (Building Energy Rating) is the best way to assess the financial savings that can be made from improving your home. This is provided as part of our Energy Auditing service and enables you to easily assess whether the changes will be cost effective.
  6. Calculate annual energy savings, CO2 reductions, and payback time of project
    Improving your home's energy rating is not just about a piece of paper. We provide a detailed breakdown on how much you will be saving by making each improvement, how long it will take to recoup the costs of the improvements from savings in your energy bills, and how much your home's CO2 emissions will be reduced.
  7. Oversee project if required
    Where necessary, NRG Experts will oversee the project from start to finish. This is not part of our standard Energy Audit, but we appreciate that not all home owners are comfortable overseeing construction work, and might prefer a professional they are familiar with to manage the project for them.

To book or enquire about an Energy Audit, please fill out the short form on the contact page, or call us direct.